~ Deli Trays ~

Antipasto Tray
This taste of Italy features marinated artichoke hearts, golden pepperoncini,
black olives, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, sliced Primo Taglio provolone,
mozzarella and prosciutto roll, a generous selection of Primo Taglio italian meats.
Large tray (25-30 guests) $80
medium tray (14-18 guests) $70

Fresh Fruit Tray
This perfect combination includes succulent strawberries, cantaloupe or
honeydew melon, watermelon, pineapple, red & green grapes, oranges and kiwi
fruit, all arranged around a refreshing yogurt dip.
Large tray (25-30 guests) $65

All Rolled Up Tray
Try something different and very unique at your next party.
Our hearty selection of lavash sandwiches includes tuna salad, chicken salad,
turkey, ham and roast beef, rolled up with a cream cheese spread.
large tray (16-22 guests) $65
medium tray (12-16 guests) $55

Chicken Snack Attack
A sure-fire hit at any party, our flavorful trio of chicken wings is served
with plenty of cool ranch dip and crunchy celery sticks. A classic favorite!
large tray (20-26 guests) $60
medium tray (15-20 guests) $50

Primo Taglio Fruit & Cheese Nibbler
This popular tray features five cream Primo Taglio cheeses, including
cheddar, havarti dill , baby swiss, smoked fontina and french brie,
paired with strawberries, cantaloupe, red & green grapes, sliced kiwi.
large tray (16-22 guests) $70
medium tray (10-12 guests) 60

Fresh Veggies
Our harvest of fresh vegetables includes baby carrots, broccoli florets, celery
sticks, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumber, mushrooms, and sugar snap peas,
all surrounding a bowl of zesty ranch dip.
large tray (16-20 guests) $55
medium tray (12-16 guests) $45

Spinach Dip Party Platter/Bowl
This elegant presentation features a fresh Artisan sourdough bread round,
hollowed out and filled with spinach dip. Served with sliced Artisan baguettes
and garnished with cherry tomatoes.
large tray (12-14 guests) $40
medium tray (10-12 guests) $30

Primo Taglio
Three Primo Taglio meats: turkey breast, roast beef, and black forest ham
With three Primo Taglio cheeses: French swiss, muenster and cheddar
It's all topped off with plump cherry tomatoes.
large tray (25-30 guests) $70
medium tray (14-18 guests) $60

Condiment Combo Tray
This perfect accompaniment for sandwiches includes hollowed-out
red and green bell peppers filled with mustard and mayonnaise, pickle chips,
sliced red onions, sliced tomatoes, sliced pepperoncini and fresh green leaf lettuce.
large tray (15-20 guests) $25
medium tray (10-12 guests) $15

All Star Combo Tray
This selection of favorites includes turkey breast, roast beef, and virginia ham,
along with plenty of and American and Swiss cheeses. It's all accompanied by
black olives, a three-pound serving of potato salad, and three dozen bakery dinner
large tray (25-30 guests) $70

Primo Taglio Gourmet Cheese Tray
This selection of Primo Taglio cheeses includes everyone's favorites: cheddar,
smoked fontina, french swiss, muenster,
hot pepper jack and a cream cheese spread.
Large tray (25-30 guests) $70
medium tray (14-18 guests) $50

Cafe Sandwich Tray
With your choice of five of our famous Cafe sandwiches, you're sure to have
something for even your finicky guests. We cut them in thirds
so everyone can have a taste of everything!
large tray (14-18 guests) $60
medium tray (8-12 guests) $50

Focaccia Sandwich Tray
This is a sandwich tray with a decidedly Italian twist.
We pile your choice of premium Primo Taglio
turkey, roast beef, or ham on our hearty,
flavorful focaccia bread.
large tray (14-18 guests) $60
medium tray (8-12 guests) $50

Le Petite Croissant Tray
Try something deliciously different, and impressively elegant.
We layer turkey, roast beef or ham with cheddar or swiss cheese on
flaky, buttery croissants for a unique sandwich your guests will remember.
large tray (20-25 guests) $65
medium tray (12-16 guests) $55

Classic Tea Sandwich Tray
This is a must-have platter for any affair. We combine turkey, roast beef
and ham sandwiches served on your choice of sliced white or wheat bread,
and serve them with black olives and plump cherry tomatoes.
large tray (14-18 guests) $45
medium tray (8-12 guests) $35

Super Sub Sandwich
This is the ultimate sandwich! Piles of hearty roast beef, turkey and ham,
plus Swiss and American cheeses, topped off with fresh lettuce and tomatoes.
Of course, it's all on a classic, super-sized roll.
It's enough to feed even the hungriest crowd!
Super Sub Sandwich (8-10 guests) $32

Italiano Delights
Two varieties of hearty mini subs: turkey & ham with pesto
And roast beef & turkey with cheddar,
plus a hearty antipasto of genoa salame, prosciutto,
provolone, marinated fresh mozzarella, kalamata olives,
marinated artichoke hearts and grape tomatoes.
large tray (12-14 guests) $75
medium tray (10-12 guests) $60

Mediterranean Medley
Two varieties of lavash rolls: turkey with hummus
And havarti with roasted red pepper,
plus lots of extras: cucumber feta dip, roasted red pepper hummus,
pita chips, red and green peppers, marinated artichoke hearts,
kalamata olives, and cucumber slices.
large tray (10 - 12 guests) $70
medium tray (6 - 8 guests) $55

Fruits & Fine Cheeses
This elegant display includes Primo Taglio French brie, imported Swiss,
gruyere, danish blue cheese, port salut, and goat cheese,
paired with apple slices, grapes, strawberries, dried apricots,
dried cranberries, pecans, walnuts and water crackers.
large tray (12 -14 guests) $70
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