Audio / Video

We have an excellent audio/video system in place.
You are welcome to utilize our system as follows:

The Wedding Ceremony
Live or recorded music can be played through our
system and is included in the chapel rental for the
ceremony. Microphones, stands and instrument
inputs are available. We have the traditional favorites
or you may specify songs of your choice.

We can arrange for live musicians and vocalists, such
as a, pianist, organist, classical/flamenco guitarist,
harpist or string quartet. How about a Hawaiian love
song on the ukulele as you walk down the aisle?
Or maybe a bagpiper or mariachis! We know them all!

$350 per hour for 5 musicians
$400 an hour for 6
$450 an hour for 7 to 8

The video screen is available for slide shows prior to
the ceremony while people are gathering. This is a
great time to show family pictures of the two of you
growing up and your lives together so far.
(See below for acceptable formats)

Live Streaming
We are streaming live! Now all your friends and
family can be at your ceremony. You will receive a
video file of the ceremony and have it posted on You
Tube for your friends.

Click here to access our Live Stream:
Live Stream Feed
Or go to our Facebook page here:
Rose Creek Cottage Facebook

Photo Booth
We are now offering a Photo Booth for 2 hours
during the reception.

The Reception
You have a few choices for the music for the

1. You may rent our sound system, which includes a
microphone, for $100. Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, etc.
is available for you or you can connect your device to
ours via Bluetooth. You may have a friend to act as
DJ for the night. Create your own play list for the
event and have someone in charge of it.

2. You may hire our DJ with great sound gear,
lighting and personality for $550.
This is the way to go if you want to dance. He can
play requests and will get together with you prior to
the event to discuss the music and timing for the event.

3. You may provide your own DJ. He must provide
his own gear and should be experienced with working
special events. You will need to coordinate a schedule
with the DJ. We can provide you with a schedule of
events which you may share with your DJ. Our event
coordinator will work closely with your DJ
throughout the event to keep everything on schedule.

Memorial Service
The Cottage is a warm setting for a "Celebration of
Life". You may provide pictured of your loved ones
to be displayed on our big screen.

Compatible Formats
Our system is PC based. You may provide your
pictures in "jpg" format on a flash drive, CD or
DVD. We can play these as a slide show with music.

Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive or other online
storage are a great way to share your
pictures and music with us.

You may want to create a video of your pics in a
Windows Media format that can be played on any pc.
(mpg, mp4, wmv formats for example)

A DVD is an acceptable format to provide your
videos and music. A DVD properly formatted to
play on any DVD player is acceptable.

Music may be provided in "mp3" format.

Apple Video formats are not acceptable.
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