Wedding & Event Designers
2525 Garnet Avenue, San
Diego, CA 92109
Wedding & Event Designers
Beverage Service
Pacific Beach ~ San Diego ~ California
Self Serve Soft Bar
$5 per person
We can provide an ample supply of
assorted soft drinks, lemon water,
sparkling cider, coffee, iced tea,
condiments, ice. This includes high
quality disposable wine & champagne
cups, beer & soft drink cups as well as
coffee cups. You may upgrade to
glassware for $3.50 pp.

You may provide beer & wine for your
guests. Kegs & liquor are not permitted.
Our coordinator can let you know how
much to provide.
We do not charge a corkage fee or a
cake cutting fee.

If you are providing alcohol for your
guests, you will be required to provide
liability insurance for the event. This
can be as easy as having us listed as
"Additionally Insured" to an insurance
policy you may already have at little or
no cost or you may purchase a "Day of"
policy for about $175.

Liability Insurance