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4 Ways to Enhance Your Home & Garden Before Summer is Over

When your home or garden doesn’t fill you with joy because it lacks a few things or needs some TLC, you may not be able to enjoy summer to the fullest. In which case, isn’t it time you did something about it?

Here are four ways to enhance your home and garden before summer is over.

Fix Up Any Roofing Issues

While we don’t associate summer with roof maintenance, it’s the perfect time to do so because you won’t be battling gusting winds and heavy downpours!

Summertime may not be the windiest period of the year, but roof shingles could have been dislodged from the previous season. If so, your home’s roofing structure is exposed to the elements. Each time it rains, this will create moisture damage and eventually lead to internal water leaks that are far more serious.

But, don’t worry! Summer months are often an off-peak time for roofing repairs. You can easily book an appointment and get the problem fixed ASAP. If your roof needs repair or it’s been years since the last inspection, it’s worth contacting Advantage Construction’s roof repair.

Follow-Up On Gardening In Springtime

If you went into the backyard during spring, gave the garden a good raking, and removed some weeds, that’s great. But what have you done since?

The summer is ideal for tending to the garden because the lawn isn’t soggy underfoot. That means you can easily access all areas without difficulty. Getting the lawn back under control and spreading some seed isn’t a bad idea either.

Also, see how the plants are faring after tending to them in April. You did do that, didn’t you?

Mend Or Replace Broken Fencing

Now that gusting winds have likely died down, you can check whether any fencing needs repairs and added support to bolster them.

If you spot a broken slat, you can either repair it or replace it altogether. Since the sun is high and the temperature is hot, you can also take this opportunity to apply a new protective coating and keep your fence in good shape.

Increase Your Comfort In The Backyard

If you find yourself spending more time in the backyard, is there anything that could enhance your comfort there?

Better backyard furniture with removable deeper fill cushioning could make the patio more pleasant. Alternatively, some new seating under a tree in your backyard with some overhanging LED lights would provide a separate outdoor living space for the kids.

If your family loves to grill or smoke some meat, is the current smoker or barbeque large enough for your family and anyone who comes over? Is it time for an upgrade? You could look at building a BBQ station. Or, if you have a BBQ but no meat smoker, does it have enough advantages that you’d be interested now?

Don’t let the summer disappear on you. Get a few home and garden tasks knocked out in between lazing around on weekends. You’ll be glad that you did once the fall is here.

How To Future-Proof Your Home And Garden

We live in an age of unpredictability, and that is no more true than with the weather. Climate change has impacted the entire world, and while scientists are able to construct models, these models can only predict the basics. We do not know what major storms different areas will face, where high temperatures will cause wildfires, and when all the abundant changes will converge.

Future-proofing your garden and home in times like these is therefore no easy prospect. And the reality is that you cannot plan for everything. Some freak weather occurrences can render all your preparation moot. But there are steps to take to be as prepared as possible.

One basic preparation you should already have taken is to get homeowners insurance. You will need it if a massive storm is to damage or destroy your home and possessions. Be sure to check if you need specific insurance for floods and wildfires. In high-risk areas, coverage for these occurrences is not provided by private insurers and you will have to get insurance from government agencies.

Reinforce Points Of Entry

The parts of the home most likely to give in are the points of entry, i.e. doors and windows. As such, you need to make sure that these are in great shape, with structural integrity as well as proper insulation. Homebuyers in Illinois A wooden door that has seen better days may not stand a chance in a major storm, and could fail to stop flooding in long-lasting downpours.

These are steps that anyone who lives in a region with regular hurricanes and/or extreme temperatures will already have taken. However, those living in temperate conditions do not need good insulation as urgently, and may be unprepared in an unprecedented storm.

Reinforce And Maintain The Roof

Roofs of houses are always vulnerable to problems. Leaks are common and every homeowner is expected to maintain their roof regularly. So much so that insurance will often not pay for roof leaks as they consider it owner negligence.

Reinforcing your roof will not only help maintain the structural integrity of your home, but will also make it less likely that water will damage or destroy the contents of your home.

Plant An Indigenous Garden

Gardens can be so easily destroyed by freak weather occurrences because they are not quite natural. Landscaping is a very human endeavor, and nature therefore pays no attention to our best-laid plans. However, if you stick to indigenous plants, your garden is more likely to flourish.

Indigenous plants have been growing in your area for millenia. They have withstood what climate issues the region has to offer and have adapted to survive. They are most ready for an increase in extreme weather conditions. By planting an indigenous garden, you are giving it the best chance of growing successfully and surviving the tough times.

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